In Sándor’s Oregon Trail, writer and filmmaker Sándor Lau walks from Missouri to Oregon in the footsteps of the pioneers and the moccasins of native people. Without dying of dysentery.

On his journey through 2,000 miles of rattlesnakes, wildfires, and high-velocity lead poisoning, Sándor discovers the center of the universe in the middle of nowhere. Showcasing traditional skills used by emigrants on wagon trains and by indigenous people who belonged to this land long before the Great Medicine Road, this living history show rediscovers the American West as a place in our hearts more than a space on a map.

The five episodes of the show follow Sándor’s journey through Missouri and Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon. Sándor meets pioneer reenactors, wagon trains, blacksmiths, mountain men, and members of tribes including the Pawnee, Lakota, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Shoshone, Umatilla, Warm Springs, Yakama, and Chinook, who share their jokes, traditions, and of course, food!

The land and its inhabitants like the buffalo people, the salmon people, and the bird people play roles just as important as the humans as Sándor shares every day with them on his six-month trek across prairies, rivers, mountains, and the landscape of the imagination.